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How To: Style House Plants

Author Editor - 2 minute read

House plants are definitely having a moment right now - if it's not on your Pinterest boards, then it's on your Instagram feed. If it's not on social media, it's in magazines, TV shows and your best friends homes. But, is incorporating greenery into your interiors really that straight forward?

Luckily for us, Macrame Designer and Maker and Founder of, Katie Mitchell, is here to shed some light.


House plants are SO hot right now! In fact, anything vaguely botanical is being featured in interiors and fashion magazines – everything from succulent shaped candles, cactus print pyjamas to botanical print wallpaper.

House plants breathe life into interiors, whilst cleaning the air as they grow and better still, there are so many gorgeous planters and pots available to display your green friends in. 

Whilst it can be difficult to know where to begin, having fun with your displays from the start is a sure way of making things interesting whilst producing eye catching results.



You can experiment with lush leafy types or striking sculptural varieties. It's easy to play around with scale and placement; hanging them from the ceiling, styling them on shelves or grouping them in a corner of a room are great ways to start. 

Hanging plants are a good space saver and no matter how big or small a place you have, you can add greenery to your interiors easily. I ran out of shelves and window space a long time ago, but with the help of a ceiling hook, I can now add plants anywhere in my home. 

Not only that but they are a great way to fill a blank wall or empty corner if you don’t want to hang another picture. Plants add texture and depth to a space and you can match the plant, pot and hanger with the decor in your room. 

Trailing plants like philodendron and ivy look particularly good in a plant hanger, with the tendrils hanging down, but of course a good old spider plant works too.


My textile specialism, Macrame has also seen a massive resurgence in popularity. Gone are the days of drab, jute creations from the 70’s. A new wave of clean, modern macrame has taken over and plant hangers in this style are everywhere!

But macrame is not just limited to plant hangers. There are a vast array of other products available, like these French Connection cushions and macrame deckchair.



When styling plants on shelves, window sills or on the floor, remember the odd number rule.

Arrange plants in groups of 3, 5 or 7 etc. Use pots that complement each other and are varying in sizes, textures and heights. You can also incorporate plant stands, pretty platescandles and even framed prints to create interest and ambience.



House plants are a lovely finishing touch to your home and can really pull a room together.
The unique thing about keeping plants is that they grow and change over time and can turn your home into an indoor oasis but just remember that they do need a lot of love and need to be nurtured.