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In Focus: Winter Skincare Tips

Author Editor - 2 minute read

You may have heard time and time again the importance of switching your skincare regime according to the season. By now, your thicker and more hydrating products should be in full use but with even lower temperatures and icy winds well on the way, ensure you are doing the most you can to care for your skin this Winter.

One word that springs to mind when we think of winter skincare is protect!

The skin is our largest organ and so taking care of it to the best of our abilities is crucial, especially in Winter. The skin becomes much drier in this season due to the lack of moisture in the air, central heating is turned all the way up and we all enjoy steaming hot showers first thing in the morning to warm us up. One way of protecting our skin can be to wrap up warm with thick scarves, gloves and hats, but we can also do more to protect against the cold and ultimately maintain that healthy glow through our Winter skincare routines.

Choosing skincare products that help to protect your skin are vital. Urban Veda’s Turmeric based Radiance Skincare Range is suited for dry and dehydrated skin types, making it an ideal range during Winter even for those who don’t typically fall into the ‘dry skin’ category. The range contains skin brightening Turmeric, plenty of natural botanicals and fruit enzymes such as papaya, goji berries and orange which protect against the cold and improve lack-lustre skin. Start your day with the Radiance Facial Wash using luke warm water to awaken the senses and cleanse the skin. Toners are often overlooked, but by using the Radiance Hydrating Toner, the skin’s pH levels are restored and the skins natural oils are reinstated. Complete your morning routine with the Radiance Day Cream which can be used as a hydrating makeup primer.

As the sun sets and we wind down after a busy day, invest time each evening to care for your skin. Our skin repairs itself as we sleep so night time is the perfect chance to feed our skin with nutrient rich products. Mirror your morning cleanse and toner routine, and add the Radiance Facial Exfoliating Polish into your routine. This product contains gentle volcanic pumice stone granules to buff away dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling deeply cleansed and softened.

Opt for our rejuvenating Reviving range for night creams and oils. Smelling of beautiful, organic Rose, this range contains Arjuna, an Indian root plant that contains plumping properties and naturally swells the skin to reduce fine lines and restore a healthy glow. Finish off your winter skincare regime with our 100% natural Reviving Facial Oil. Facial Oils are best used after a night cream as the oil locks in the moisture from water based creams, meaning your skin absorbs every last nutrient. You skin will feel healthy and full of life the next morning and ready to face the typical English Winter Weather!