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FCUK: From The Archives

Author Editor - 2 minute read

FCUK pays homage to the 90’s with its laid back yet rebellious spirit – traits which the 90’s were renowned for.

Proudly standing for French Connection United Kingdom and celebrating the brands roots, it combines the past with the present and acts as a nostalgic tribute to its birth era whilst looking ahead to the future.

FCUK caters for everyone – from those that read HypeBeast, to those that find out the latest news on Snapchat and Instagram. From the ones that prefer to stay in to watch Love Island to those will be out clubbing until 4am in Berlin.

Whatever your vibe, there’s an FCUK for every style.


From The Archives

Spring Summer 1997

We wanted to have an air of mystery about us in 1997 and thus, launched a campaign whereby we didn't have any logos, masses of white empty space and unconventional crops.

The aim was to put the attention on the attitude and charisma of FCUK - not necessarily the clothes.


Autumn Winter 2002

We liked to have fun with FCUK campaigns - particularly with play on words. And thus, vive le fcuk! was born.

Alongside this, we even ran a cinema advert which was a one minute edit of a BAFTA-nominated, Cannes short-listed short film. Surprisingly, no French Connection clothes were included and instead it focused on an English boy living in London trying to be an effortless chic Frenchman.



Spring Summer 2003

Re-introducing Fcukiki Beach.

We meant business with this one - our stores were decorated with sand and we even set up temporary tattoo parlours. We sold Fcukiki sticks of rock and surfboards.

This campaign really encompassed summer - from the start of the day and hitting the first waves to the end of the night by a fire on the beach.


Spring Summer 2004

In 2004, we launched a digital radio station which was broadcast from our then Regent Street store 24 hours a day and to accompany our on air launch, came FCUK FM adverts.

We even broadcast out to Oxford Circus underground station with the sound taking over the corridors of the station via sound-chips in the ceiling.

Autumn Winter 2005

Fascinated by the world of celebrities, we launched the Paparazzi campaign back in 2005.

Aiming to capture the most stylish on camera, the FCUK World Exclusive also poked fun at what we now deem 'fake news'. With click bait headlines and a humorous tone of voice, the 2005 campaign aimed to inject a bit of fun back into the world of the rich and famous and how they were portrayed in the media.