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Interior design trends 2023: Top 10 décor ideas for the year

Author Editor - 4 minute read

Interior design trends influence how we decorate and style our favourite spaces year after year. Whether you're planning a new year renovation project or seeking a new season refresh to your existing home décor, discover our round up of our favourite interior design trends of 2023 to offer you some fresh dose of inspiration for all decorating endeavours.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to completely overhaul your home each season, these ever-evolving trends can inspire new touches for your current themes and help give any room in your home a new lease of life for the year ahead. From gothic crafted-look ceramics to authentic artisan accents, these are the home décor trends to look out for in 2023. 







The Japandi trend is back and better - it is a fusion of Japanese and Scandanavian design, creating an intriguing combination between two different perspectives of minimalism and efficiency. The Nordic side brings cool metals, straight lines and basic colour schemes, which creates a sense of cosiness and a desire for warmth in the home. Then by contrast, the Japanese elements incorporate materials such as rattan and bamboo. Effectively, this trend offers the benefit of low maintenance minimalism with a little bit of added flair and personality. 





Gothic and rich noir design is an upcoming trend. Undeniably dramatic and richly layered, the trend's fascinating dark hues and bold nightshades channel contemporary living. Whether it be sweeping textiles, monochrome crafted-look tableware or whimsical sculpted candles - the gothic trend can be both memorable and highly liveable. 






By now, we know and love plants in our interiors. As indoor-outdoor living gains traction in the interior world, the boundaries between the two blur even more. This means wilder and larger scale indoor plants will be incorporated into our homes. This year, we'll be bringing the outdoors inside, growing our interior jungles to create a calming, aesthetically pleasing sanctuary within our own four walls. The benefits of keeping indoor plants go further than just brightening a room’s empty corner, the soothing green tones of a potted plant can also benefit our health and wellbeing. 






 Interior trends often come and go but some manage to stand the test of time – rattan furniture is one of those. With its natural textures and warming neutral tones, rattan décor is here to stay for 2023 – and we like it. A minimalist? Opt for bohemian rattan woven lighting for hallways. A maximalist? Go bold with rattan storage cabinets for bedrooms, living rooms and the like. This classic woven rattan material is a firm interior design favourite due to its sophisticated look and stylish finish. Guaranteed to stand out in any space, it effortlessly adds a touch of style to your favourite spaces, whether your home is inspired by country chic or modern minimalism, it’ll fit right in. 






It’s time to play around with mood lighting! In 2023, lighting will take centre stage as people learn about the important of ambient lighting and the role it plays in giving a space a feeling. In 2023, lighting will become more sculptural and layered with mixed materials incorporated into statement pieces. When playing with your lighting, experimenting with size, scale, and proportion can bring the most artistic results. 






Dulux has chosen a soft golden neutral, Wild Wonder, as its colour of the year for 2023, but there’s a trend towards therapeutic ‘sunset hues’ that goes further than this shade’s mellow tones. This trending shade is reminiscent of the setting sun and helps to create a welcoming and nourishing energy in your home - it's the perfect new colour to play with on all your walls in 2023.






Expect to see green everywhere in 2023. From moody deep green to smoky sage, inject an essence of respite and calm into your home with nature’s most-loved colour, green. These leafy-hues will adorn everything from plush soft-touch cushions to statement furniture pieces. So this year, get set to hibernate...





The Artisan trend will continue well into 2023 and it's a complete contrast to the likes of Japandi and minimalist design. Cosy rooms painted in earthy tones full of handmade charm and accents will help create a warming backdrop, layers of texture - all defined by fine craftsmanship. Artisanal tufted textures, intricate printed textiles and geometric shapes add depth and dimension to your favourite spaces. 







Papier-mâché isn’t just for kids! Papier-mâché is expected to draw greater attention in 2023. It's softer, creative and curvaceous form reflects a desire for contemporary conscious design. Using recycled paper and a whole lot of creativity, creates a new type of homeware and interior. Minimalists will love this trend, with its muted tones and added depth and texture. From sculptural lighting to chic tableware, papier-mâché homeware is both stylish and sustainable.







There will always be a place for neutral rugs, but for 2023 we're loving the shift towards rugs being functioning floor art. This year, we'll be seeing statement rugs becoming a permanent fixture in our homes and dressing our floors. When it comes to rugs, don't feel limited to light, neutral pieces going forward. New colour trends point towards more vibrant combinations, making the floor the standout element of your space. Reach for trending earthy hues like olive greens, golden yellows, warm rusts, and clay tones, helping to create an approachable, stand-out and well-lived in space.


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