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How To: Dress For Christmas Morning

Author Editor - 2 minute read

Different people have different traditions when it comes to Christmas morning. Some will go all out smart attire for their Christmas Day, whilst others, you’re only allowed in if you’re in your Christmas jumper and your ‘I’m ready to eat everything in sight’ bottoms.

Whichever is your vibe is fine with us. We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to help dress and style you.


The Formal Christmas

If you like to use Christmas as an excuse to pull out your finery, we don’t blame you. It happens once a year, we get it. But finding something that is as stylish as it is comfortable is no easy task.

Our suggestion? A loose fitting dress with plenty of room for turkey.

Thankfully for you, our burgundy lace number means you’ll be the best dressed and the most comfortable. Tick.


The Vintage Lace Dress


The ‘Somewhere In Between’ Christmas

We suggest a jumpsuit with a bit of sparkle. If it’s good enough for Claudia Winkleman on Strictly Come Dancing, it’s good enough for us on Christmas Day and with its loose fit and comfortable fabric, it's the perfect companion for a cosy Christmas Day.

If a jumpsuit isn’t your vibe, opt for a chunky wool knit jumper and tailored pair of trousers – an outfit that will see you straight through the Christmas period and into the office next year.



The Comfy, Casual Christmas

If jeans are more your style, have a bit of fun with your knitwear – and no, we don’t mean a comedy Christmas jumper (though, we’re also on board with that idea!).

For something with style longevity, we’re opting for an embroidered cropped style with a high neck. Perfect for cosy Christmas by the fire but stylish enough to see you through those other festive events on your calendar.

Alternatively, don’t shy away from midi dresses as, if styled correctly, can be made wonderfully casual and cool. We’re thinking a pair of flat boots or even trainers and an oversized jacket for that seriously chic off-duty look.


The Embroidered Jumper


For Everything Else

If you’re hosting Christmas this year and want to set your own rules, try something a little different.

A pair of sequins trousers will make you stand out from the crowd, whilst a suit will show that you really mean business when it comes to hosting. A cute belted dress is a timeless classic whilst a sequin jumper is the perfect partner in crime for a Christmas with some punch. 


The Sequin Trousers