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In Conversation With: Morgan Saint

Author Editor - 2 minute read
Morgan Saint was responsible for the incredible voice that you heard during our inaugural New York Fashion Week show. We caught up with the artist before she took to the stage about life, music and relationships. 

How would you describe your music?


You equate your song writing and production process to painting. Tell us more about that.

Definitely. I am an equally visual person as I am musical, so the two go together seamlessly in my head. When it comes to the production specifically, it’s so much to me about all of the colours and textures (in terms of sounds) coming together to create the world in which I’d like for my song or story to live in. Making a song reminds me of watercolour painting. It’s such a complex layering process, that doesn't always make sense until all of the correct layers are there.



We were lucky enough to hear your brand new track “On Fire” live at our New York Fashion Week runway show. What is it about?

Yes! The song is essentially about the silver lining in a failed relationship. 

My life and happiness had become completely reliant on another person in the most unhealthy way. The end of the relationship was something that was inevitable in my mind, but also completely unattainable because of the deeply reliant bond that we had created. This person loved me so much that they wanted to be in control of every part of me. I finally gained the strength to end things, and within the healing process, found the most beautiful and bold parts of myself come back to life. 

When I started writing this song, I remember reflecting on the whole experience, and thinking how it literally felt like this other person had took the essence of who I am and set it on fire. I loved this sort of metaphor though, because it has a complete double meaning in my head— I once felt like my soul was burning at the hands of another person and now I feel like there’s a new (or perhaps old, that I had lost) fire that burns at the centre of me that is so fucking empowering. 

Who or what inspires you?

The relationships in my life inspire me the most. 

How would you describe your signature style?

Sporty, androgynous, edgy, bold. 

What is your go-to uniform when you perform?

An oversized T-shirt, pants, white socks, and sneakers. 

Morgan Saint is wearing our Enid Jumpsuit.