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In conversation with: The creators of #CONTENTFORBETTER

Author Editor - 3 minute read

 With this year's largest social movement in history and with the entire world paying attention to the fight for equality, it’s clear that inaction and silence are no longer options for brands, creators and influencers. In June, influencers Tanice Elizabeth and Lucy Alston, joined forces to create #CONTENTFORBETTER, an online space to help support and enable a collective voice of content creators and artists to help drive a better balance of equality across the industry and on social media. 

We caught up with both Tanice and Lucy to talk all things #CONTENTFORBETTER, including their 3 step pledge and the importance of continuing the conversation online and offline...

Discover more about #CONTENTFORBETTER here


Lucy Alston // Tanice Elizabeth


Tell us a little bit about your platform #CONTENTFORBETTER & how it was created? 

#CONTENTFORBETTER is a space to support inclusion on Instagram. It came about from our joint frustration during the time in June this year, in not seeing Black and POC equally represented as their white peers. We spoke about this in depth and really wanted to help in some way, using Instagram and content creation as our voice. It should not be left to our Black and POC peers. Only as a collective voice, both black and white, can we truly tackle this. 


You have your #CONTENTFORBETTER 3 step pledge, please can you tell us a little bit about each step & why each are so important to the movement? 

We started with a simple pledge that people can join in with and follow to actively support the BLM movement on social by doing three things.  Firstly, being aware and researching a brand’s ethics before entering into a relationship with or promoting them.  Secondly, challenge diversity of events and campaigns that we are asked to take part in and lastly, continuing to stay active in promoting diversity amongst our peers.


What are the best ways to keep the conversation going, both online & offline? 

Actively seek out those accounts that inform and educate yourself. If you want to see change, this is a very small act that will help so much in the long run. Support your Black and POC peers by commenting consistently and sharing them. 

Make a plan to meet up, this is hard at the moment but once you can without worry, do it! 

Be constantly aware of the daily micro aggressions, whether that be in the media, a TV program you are watching or the magazines you are reading. Awareness is key. Help your family and friends to recognise these. Be open and have empathy.  Look to the next generation, these will be the ones that can make the most difference. 

Read and share your learnings. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your findings. Speak openly, but mindfully about your thoughts.


Tanice Elizabeth // Lucy Alston

How important do you think social media & influencers are in continuing to drive this movement? 

They are absolutely key! They not only represent aspiration and moments of light hearted inspiration, they really do influence in all other aspects. They can definitely keep promoting both informative and real content as well as the aspirational creative kind. If someone can sell hundreds even thousands of t-shirts off the back of one post, they can most likely help support equality in society and ask others to do the same.


We’re loving your ‘Share for Better’ series to support #amplifymelanatedvoices, can you tell us a little more about what this is & it’s importance… 

We’re not just a moment, we are a movement. We want to keep inspiring others to be open and continually be aware of how their actions whether small or big can help facilitate change, if they so wish to. 'Share for Better' came from a want to keep the conversation going in a tangible way on Instagram, to open up the dialogue and expose Black and POC accounts to viewers that may not have necessarily thought to have looked at them before, in turn helping to balance out the engagement imbalance we are still seeing now. There’s still so much more work to be done on this. 


What’s next for #CONTENTFORBETTER? Any exciting plans for the future?

#CONTENTFORBETTER is still currently evolving, but currently we see it as a community, a space that helps promote diversity amongst creatives and artists alike. 


Lucy Alston // Tanice Elizabeth