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Meet The Sheafs

Author Editor - 1 minute read

When it comes to musical talent, Manchester has been described as the beating heart of the industry. With a vast back catalogue including jazz, northern soul and, of course, Brit pop it's extensive taste making history has made it an envy of the world. And with great music, comes great fashion. Fact.

So, to delve a little deeper into our newest store location, we met with local band The Sheafs to discuss just what it is that sets this city apart...

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Describe the northern music scene…

'The heritage that comes with northern music means there’s a pretty big scene up here in Sheffield and Manchester. We’ve been lucky to play alongside a fair few great upcoming bands from both cities such as The Blinders, Jordan Allen and Wulfman Fury.'

There aren't many places in the world where you’ll find a thriving scene full of guitar music. It's no coincidence that many of our musical inspirations originated from around here such as Stone Roses, Oasis & Arctic Monkeys.'

You’re Sheffield but play in Manchester...

'We tend to play a lot of bars and clubs but we’d like to think we’ve made Manchester a bit of a second home to Sheffield, which is class. Both cities cultures are very similar which suits us down to the ground.'

Do you have a favourite venue?

'It’s difficult to put it down to one but one that stood out was Night & Day in Manchester. We sound checked to a full bar of people which is indicative of guitar music in Manchester still being alive and well.'

If you’re in Manchester for a gig, where do you go?

'Northern Quarter is where you’ll find us…'

How important is your wardrobe?

'Completely. Fashion goes hand in hand with music and all five of us are very conscious of that.'

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