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Spotlight on: Conscious living

Author Editor - 2 minute read
This Earth Day (and everyday!), restore calm and order to your interiors with our distinctive home collection. We’re committed to protecting our planet through positive changes, and where better to start than where the heart is – home, of course! From natural rattan to recycled glassware, we’re continuing to use kinder materials in our homeware, making your feel-good spaces doing-good spaces too.


We pride ourselves on our gleaming recycled glassware, from champagne flutes to statement vases, these pieces are carefully created through the recycling of waste broken glass. Hand-processed by artisans who blow the glass and use moulds to create a final uniform shape, love and care goes into making the pieces adorning your dining rooms and kitchens. The chic colourways and textured finishes that catch your eyes? They’re formed by our team merging aluminium foil with molten glass and spraying lustre after the moulding stage for a glistening metallic finish. Our new Sienna collection boasts a decanter and glasses in a chic rose gold ombre colourway which calls out for sunny days spent in the garden. Another way to make the most of nature with our recycled glassware is with a contemporary vase, such as our Small Luxe Green Trumpet Vase, to host fresh flowers at the dinner table.


Speaking of sunshine season, rattan is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. Rattan is a fast-growing tropical wood which renews in under 10 years, making it a naturally kind material. Our rattan homeware is crafted with wood that we hand-harvest and re-plant, which our craftsmen and artisans then hand weave to create pieces that will stand the test of time. The natural textures and neutral tones add a serotonin touch to your décor, whether it’s lighting up the room such as our Seville Pendant Ceiling Light or providing unparalleled storage from our Rattan Wardrobe to our Noir French Cane Cabinet.


Would you believe that our refreshing collection of mango wood furniture was made from a by-product of farming mango fruit? Our suppliers only cut down trees that have died or become non-productive from fruit farming, and they then replant two to three new trees in their place. Not only does using this material reduce waste, but it each piece boasts a unique appearance with its natural stains and grain markings. We adore the warm and rustic finish our conscious mango wood pieces add to the interior, when looking in our Wooden Round Mirror, don’t forget to admire the mango wood framing your immaculate reflection. If it’s your turn to top up the drinks at the back garden barbecues this summer, be sure to reach for the help of our Large Dahlia Sun Wooden Tray to carry your recycled glasswear outside.


Not only can a rug add character to your bare floors, but our P.E.T Rugs help the planet too, by recycling plastic bottles into these pieces you’ll love forever. Each of our recycled fabric rugs are easy to clean, stain resistant and extremely hard-wearing, as well as offering beautiful colours and patterns to your space. Our Large Recycled Forest Illusion Rug not only graces your room with a touch of green, but acts as a touch of green to the earth through its composition. It’s also hard to believe that the captivating pattern of our Medium Shirin Recycled Rug started out as up to 165 plastic bottles.

To find out more about how French Connection are committed to making positive changes, click here.

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