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Spotlight On: Recycled Leather Bags

Author Editor - 1 minute read

Our eco-friendly bags are crafted from natural leather fibres - specifically, reusing off-cuts from glove production in China where the pieces are shredded and mixed with rubber and then coated to form a recycled leather sheet. The smart recycling process utilises traceable pre-consumer materials to create a light and durable accessory that retains the traditional look and feel of genuine leather.



Our recycled leather reuses off cuts, trimmings and shavings from the wastage from manufacturing of other leather products - in this case, leather gloves and jackets. This not only reduces the wastage going to the planets landfill sites, but also saves animals. Additionally, the colour treatment used doesn't involve any harmful chemicals, meaning that the risk of harm to consumers and the environment is significantly minimised. Instead of complicated and environmentally unfriendly dying processes, we use a laminate technique. 



Style? Guaranteed. Environmentally friendly? You bet.

We're proud to be the only high street fashion brand to be using recycled leather for our accessories and when they're this stylish, it really is fashion that's doing good.