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The home office edit

Author Editor - 1 minute read

You don't realise quite how essential a productive environment is until it's suddenly gone. We're here to help.

The keys to your work from home space are creating that calm, zen area, having all of your materials at your fingertips, removing distractions and having a comfortable space. We're bringing in sleek furniture for an ever stylish interior, with natural accents and metallic tones to tie your new work-space into your home comforts.


Small Space Solutions

It can be extremely difficult to create a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home, especially when there isn't much room to play with.

There's no point competing for space at the dining table when you're working from home, we need a space that is separate from everyday squabbles, that leaves your mind free for the task at hand. That's why we're going for console tables and laptop stands, simple industrial pieces that fit a laptop, and fit easily around the rest of your furniture. 



Industrial Furniture

With minimalist features, mixtures of metal and softer wood, and a sleek, angular design, the Hamilton Desk and Ecliptic Metal Table instantly create a work-friendly environment.
For small spaces or large, each piece creates a simple space, free of the distractions of home life, with plenty of room for your paperwork and stationary.

Ambient Accents

Lighting is key to productivity. When natural light isn't plentiful, and the sun begins to set, I need plenty of light to keep my mind in work mode. Whether that's metallic industrial desk lamps, or floor standing pieces to bring up the brightness, every bit helps. 



The Finishing Touch

With your productivity replenished and your calm restored, adding natural elements like greenery and cosy textiles brings a whole new zen element into your space. To make your work-life balance extend from your mindset to your environment, add accessories you enjoy onto your desk, bringing your office into touch with your interior, and making it a place that makes a difference.



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