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The Making of the Palm Leaf Bag

Author Editor - 1 minute read

Every so often a bag comes around that makes all other bags in your wardrobe obsolete. This season it's the Palm Leaf collection. But it's not admired for it's sartorial possibilities alone. The stylish statement design is perfect for the beach, the park and all summer happenings in between and it's made extra special by it's story and a group of local artisans who made it all possible. 


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The Palm Leaf Bag is woven with natural fibre that grows in the south of Mexico. The unique fibre is married with a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and the techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. 

Pair this with the incredibly skilled hands of our local artisans and you have an exclusive piece for your forever wardrobe. Choose between the Alani Basket Bag and the large or mini Kai Circle Bag.

Each artisan has also personally signed the label with their name. Check yours. 



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