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How To: Style Your Home Like A Blogger, With Cate St Hill

Author Editor - 2 minute read

If you’re spending your weekends scouring the internet for interiors inspiration, then you’re not alone. Our Pinterest boards are always bursting at the seams with trends we’d like to try, pieces we’d like to invest in and colour schemes which are making us want to redecorate our entire home.

However, a renovation or overhaul of your style isn’t always possible but there are some things that we can learn from the internet’s most savvy of interiors influencers.

Enter: Cate St Hill.

Known for her minimal interiors style, we challenged Cate to adding pops of colour to her home, just in time for Autumn, and then teach us how to do it.

Because, taking inspiration for your home from your favourite influencer shouldn’t be hard.

Lesson #1: Go Minimal

An easy trend to tap into is the minimal one. Keep things simple with black and white pieces and furnishings in neutral colours.

Cate loved our Gunmetal Coffee Table for this exact reason. With its modest matte black finish, it would fit into any style of home. We particularly like how Cate has bought a touch of Autumn inside with her fresh pickings of leaves.

Lesson #2: Add Pops Of Colour

Autumn is the season, if you’re going to do it, to add a pop of colour to your home. Start easy by opting for rich burgundy’s, comforting browns and chic little pops of navy blue here and there. It’ll transform your home effortlessly into a winter safe haven.

Cate did this through her soft furnishings – a tip that you can easily apply to your home. With touches of yellow in our Iniko rug and ‘stay on the sofa all day’ worthy cushions, it’s easy to see how these little bursts of colour can make a big difference.

Lesson #3: Opt For Plush Fabrics

Plush fabrics need not cost the Earth and also shouldn’t take over the room. Think minimal when opting for your fabric, but think cosy when considering its use.

We’re crushing on soft velvets and faux fur and it seems that Cate loves them too. Opting for a hint of brown and navy blue on her minimal sofa, she has effortlessly incorporated some bolder colours into her home.

This is one that you definitely can try at home.

Lesson #4: Accessorise

Coffee tables weren’t designed to be empty and sofas weren’t made to be bare.

Updating your home accessories is an easy and achievable task.

Cate opted to add a touch of nature to her living room with our Mango Wood Tray, Blue Glass Vase, Glass Tumblers and Frosted Glass Votive.

Lesson #5: Add Fresh Blooms

It’s no secret that adding any form of flower or plant to your home instantly gives it a lift. However, we’ve been inspired by Cate’s autumnal touch in the form of adding leaves to her vases. A natural way to embrace the new season.