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This is how we party with: What Eva Wears

Author Editor - 5 minute read

This season, we've launched our 'This is how we party' campaign with some familiar faces. We're taking inspiration from those who know best to share how they're celebrating the party season (in style) with French Connection. 


We caught up with fashion influencer, What Eva Wears to talk all things Christmas traditions, her festive plans, and of course, what she's wearing, plus she shares her top 3 styling tips for the up coming party season. This is how we party...


How will you be celebrating the party season this year? 

For most of us, the festive season last year was a cosy at-home affair, so I’m looking forward to being able to party with friends this year. Christmas is always spent with family, but this New Years I’m going to be spending the time drinking prosecco and dancing with the girls! 




With Christmas/party social plans back on this year, how will you be making the most of it this year?

Aside from NYE party plans, I’m also determined to fill my December diary with cute festive activities. One thing I’m very excited to do this year is go ice skating at the Natural History Museum ice rink in December. There’s a huge Christmas tree and thousands of fairy lights - I’m so excited as I think it’ll be such a beautiful atmosphere!



Do you have any Christmas Eve/Day traditions?

We always go to our local candlelit carol service on Christmas Eve! It’s probably my favourite part of Christmas (we’ve been going for as long as I can remember), and also when I feel most festive as I LOVE carols. It’s also so lovely as you always end up bumping into people you haven’t seen throughout the year! 

On Christmas Day we have a family games night between my Sister, Dad, and I. By this time my Mum has normally already fallen asleep, we’ve popped Hot Fuzz on the tele in the background (I don’t know why, it’s not Christmassy, but it happens every year!), and we’ll be munching on a tube of Pringles each. We sit and play cards and then chess into the early hours. It’s always so much fun and we get so competitive! I’ve never won a game of chess against my Dad before - I am determined to win a game this year!



What are your favourite places in London to soak up the party/Christmas atmosphere?

Oxford Street/Regent Street in the weeks before Christmas! It’s always super busy and I like to do my gift shopping whilst people watching others do the same. All of the Christmas lights and decorations make me feel so festive! 



From party games to festive cocktails, what would be on your ultimate party hosting checklist?

Buck’s Fizz or Christmas punch would be my choice of festive themed drink, and lots of nibbles! Jenga, Card games and board games before dancing the rest of the evening is also my idea of a perfect party itinerary. 

So long as you have an abundance of food and drink and a top tier Spotify playlist, you’re onto a winner I think! 



What are you planning on wearing for Christmas Day?

The Eve Embroidered Dress in the day and for the obligatory family photos (I’ll likely be in pyjamas and a fluffy jumper by 5pm!) 



What are your top 3 styling tips for the party season?

  • Make sure you are comfy! There is nothing worse than wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in, whether it’s too tight or too restrictive. I always make sure I’m wearing something that I don’t have to think or worry about at all - I like to be able to eat, drink and move freely - it’s what festive season is all about, after all!


  • I can’t be the only one who loves to wear dresses during partywear season, but absolutely cannot stand being cold. I think a lot of us have that same dilemma every year: I love this outfit, but will I be too cold in it? Then you have to decide whether to bite the bullet, wear it and be cold, or opt for something else instead. One solution is to up your outerwear game and pair the outfit with a big faux fur coat or jacket to keep you warm. If you’re wearing a mini, consider patterned tights! They’ll allow you to stay warm whilst also keeping the outfit interesting and making a statement. And of course, layering! Chunky knitwear, a blazer or even a turtleneck as a base piece is also a great way to adapt the dress you want to wear to the colder temperatures. 


  • Red lipstick. It’s a Christmas classic for a reason, folks! It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing - as soon as you add a red lip the whole look is transformed and becomes festive. 


If you’d have to choose only one piece of clothing for a party, what would it be?

Either a sparkly mini dress or a slinky slip dress - I can’t decide! - (it really depends on my mood!) Either style dress paired with a pair of heels, lots of gold jewellery and sleek bun is probably my favourite evening look. 



Staying in or going out, what are your plans for New Year's Eve?

In all honesty, me and my friends are last minute (or perhaps just disorganised!). We will likely be devising our NYE plans on the group chat in those weird days between Christmas and New Years. I’ll probably have my outfit sorted before the actual event plans! It’ll likely be a house party, though, as going out out can be hit and miss. So long as there’s an opportunity to see some fireworks, I’m happy!



Quick fire round

A real or fake Christmas tree...Fake (less faff!) 

Christmas day or Christmas Eve...Christmas Eve

My favourite party song to dance to is...Anything by Beyoncé, naturally! 

Giving presents or receiving them...Both!

My all-time favourite Christmas film is...Love Actually 

Keeping it cosy in festive knits or going out-out in sequins...Cosy knits for Christmas, sequins for New Years Eve!

My go-to festive drink is...Mulled Wine



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From London to New York, whether you’re hosting a festive dinner, going to a work Christmas party or going out-out in the city, we want to see how you're celebrating the party season in French Connection.
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